Curry: new web pages and report

From: Michael Hanus <>
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000 15:28:22 +0200 (MEST)

Dear Colleagues,

I'd like to inform you that the Curry web pages have been moved
from Aachen to Kiel. Please use

as the new URL for Curry and update your links accordingly.
To raise your interest to look at the new web pages,
I have put there a new version of the Curry report.
This version contains a few syntactic extensions that I included
after requests of several people. All these extensions
are just syntactic sugar adapted from Haskell, i.e., existing
back ends or the operational semantics of Curry are not affected
by these extensions. The extensions are as follows:

- Type synonyms
- Do notation for I/O actions
- Arithmetic sequences and list comprehensions

A detailed description of all changes can be found in the new
web pages. Note that the description to translate list
comprehensions into the kernel syntax is a bit different
from Haskell due to the fact that each program rule in Curry
has a declarative meaning independent of the other rules
so that there is no priority between the rules.

Finally, let me remark that the web pages for PACS have not
been moved yet. However, if you want to use our latest
release which implements most of the new extensions and
fixes a lot of bugs, you can download it at

Best regards,


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