Curry Report Vers. 0.7

From: Michael Hanus <>
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 18:39:49 +0100

Dear Colleagues,

I'd like to inform you that I have updated the Curry report
according to the proposal in my email of November 25, 1999.
The most important change is the renaming of the type
constructor "Constraint" into "Success". All examples
in the Curry web pages have been updated accordingly.

As usual, you'll find a short description of all changes
at the end of this email and the new version via the Curry homepage
or directly at

Best regards,


P.S.: Please note that my address has changed. You will find my
new address below.


Changes to the version 0.6 of October 22, 1999:

Two important changes concerning the syntax of Curry:

- Name of type constructor "Constraint" replaced by "Success",
  i.e., a constraint is now a function with result type "Success".
- The old pragma "optmatch" has been omitted and since "optmtach" is
  now the default strategy.

Several minor changes and clarifications:
- Sect. 2.1: Restriction on arities in applications omitted
  since this is not intended in higher-order functions
  like twice. Actually, current implementations of Curry
  already dropped this restriction.
- Sect. 4.1: Tuple constructors defined as "(,...,)"
  to be compatible with Haskell.
- Sect. 4.2: Precise definition of type expressions added so that
  it is clear that partial type constructor applications
  are not allowed.
- New Section 11 about literate programming included.
- Appendix D.6: Description of optmatch strategy for
  generating definitional trees added.

- Appendix D.8: Elimination of local patterns corrected:
  a local let should not be moved to the top-level before
  eliminating it, otherwise there are problems with
  let's in branches of conditionals.

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