Projekt:Teaching Geometric Algebra

Forscher: Perwass, C

Usually students do not learn about Geometric Algebra during their time at university. However, Geometric algebra offers a very intuitive way to deal with geometry and may be regarded as an extension of standard vector algebra. Geometric algebra is also an unifying mathematical system, which encompasses, for example, complex numbers, quaternions, Grassman algebra and Gibbs' vector algebra. Since most of the important aspects of the algebra have a geometric interpretation, C. Perwass wrote a software program called 'CLUCalc' which can visualize the geometric interpretation of many algebraic entities. You can download the program for free from Also note the publications below. In particular, 'Aspects of Geometric Algebra in Euclidean, Projective and Conformal Space' should give you a first taste of the subject matter.


2003 Aspects of Geometric Algebra in Euclidean, Projective and Conformal Space
Perwass C., Hildenbrand D.
Technical Report Number 0310, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Institut für Informatik und Praktische Mathematik, September 20 03
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2002 Numerical evaluation of versors with Clifford algebra
Perwass C., Sommer G.
In L. Dorst, C. Doran and J. Lasenby, editors, Applications of Geometric Algebra in Computer Science and Engineering, pp. 341-35 0. Proc. AGACSE 2001, Cambridge, UK, Birkhäuser Boston, 2002
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