Curriculum Vitae:

Positions and degrees:

1978-84: Study of Computer Science, University of Dortmund
1984-90: Research assistant, University of Dortmund
1988: Ph.D. degree (Dr. rer. nat.), University of Dortmund
1991: Professor of Computer Science, University of Bielefeld
1992-94: Researcher at the Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik in Saarbrücken
1994: Habilitation in Computer Science, University of Saarbrücken
1995-99: Professor of Computer Science, RWTH Aachen
since 2000: Professor of Computer Science, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel


My research activity is mainly concerned with the integration of functional and logic programming languages, the design and implementation of declarative programming languages, type systems for logic programming, analysis techniques for declarative programs, programming environments and applications of declarative languages. I have published more than two hundred papers on these topics in international conference proceedings, journals and books. Concerning larger software projects, I guided during 1986-88 a project on the implementation of a compiler for full Prolog and during 1989-91 a project on an efficient compiler-based implementation of the functional logic language ALF. Currently, I am involved in the design, implementation, and application of the multi-paradigm declarative language Curry where I have several nationally and internationally funded research projects.

Program committee memberships:

Invitations to conferences:

  • Invited talk at the 4th International Symposium on Programming Language Implementation and Logic Programming, Leuven, 1992
  • Invited panelist at the International Logic Programming Symposium, Portland (Oregon), 1995
  • Invited talk at the Third Advanced Seminar on Foundations of Declarative Programming, Semantics, Extensions and Applications, Valencia, 1996
  • Invited contribution to the ACM Workshop on Strategic Directions in Computing Research, MIT, 1996
  • Invited tutorial at the Second International Fuji Workshop on Functional and Logic Programming, Shonan Village (Japan), 1996
  • Invited talk at the Joint Conference on Declarative Programming (APPIA-GULP-PRODE'97), Grado (Italien), 1997
  • Invited tutorial at the 12th GLP-Workshop on Logic Programming, Munich, 1997
  • Invited tutorial at the International Logic Programming Symposium, Port Jefferson (New York), 1997
  • Invited talk at the 13th Meeting of the IFIP Working 2.8 on Functional Programming, Warm Springs (Oregon), 1998
  • Invited talk at the Tenth Benelux Workshop on Logic Programming (Benelog 1998), Amsterdam, 1998
  • Invited tutorial at the First International Conference on Computational Logic (CL'2000), London, 2000
  • Invited panelist at the International Workshop on Reduction Strategies in Rewriting and Programming, Utrecht (The Netherlands), 2001
  • Invited panelist at the International Conference on Logic Programming, Sitges (Spain), 2005
  • Invited tutorial at the International Conference on Logic Programming, Porto (Portugal), 2007
  • Invited talk at the 11th International Colloquium on Implementation of Constraint and Logic Programming Systems (CICLOPS 2011)