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Special Issue of Theory and Practice of Logic Programming

Past and Present (and Future) of Parallel and Distributed Computation in (C=
onstraint) Logic Programming

Since its inception, logic programming has been recognized as an ideal para=
digm for addressing the needs of parallel computing. An extensive literature=
 has been developed exploring issues like automated parallelization of logic=
 programs, the use of logic programs to describe parallel and distributed co=
mputations, and logic programming models to capture concurrency and facilita=
te the development of provably correct concurrent applications.

After over 30 years of research in these domains, the state of the art has =
reached a stage where technologies are highly complex and sophisticated, and=
 applications are plentiful. Yet, the continuous development of novel archit=
ectures (e.g., the onset of GPU-based computing; the widespread use of simpl=
e inter-connected  devices, like Arduino and Raspberry Pi; the development =
of affordable multi-core platforms and reconfigurable computing; the widespr=
ead use of cloud computing), the appearance of new domains and potential app=
lications (e.g., big data), and the developments in novel logic programming =
languages and paradigms are creating new research opportunities and fueling =
new ideas and developments.

The goal of this special issue is to provide a multi-fold perspective of re=
search at the junction between parallel and distributed computation and (con=
straint) logic programming:

1. Provide well-thought assessments of the state of the art (e.g., in the f=
orm of well organized surveys, personal perspectives)

2. Describe cutting-edge coverage of new developments (e.g., novel executio=
n models, innovative systems and implementations)

3. Describe new research directions, offering clear motivations, new perspe=
ctives and solid foundations for other researchers to build upon

4. Novel applications (e.g., in big data, cyber-physical systems) that crit=
ically rely on the use on the integration of parallelism and logic programmi=


* Title and Abstract: February 15, 2017 [Extended]

* Full Paper: March 31, 2017


Please submit Titles and Abstracts to

Submissions of manuscripts must be made in the TPLP format


and handled through the TPLP Submission site (please select the appropriate=
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Enrico Pontelli,, New Mexico State University, USA

Ferdinando Fioretto,, New Mexico State University, USA







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