Re: Smap: Collecting small programs

From: Michael Hanus <>
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2014 13:24:02 +0100

On 10/29/2014 12:10 AM, David Powers wrote:
> This is great Michael! I’ve just had a play and uploaded a couple of
> programs.

Thanks for the feedback. Hence, it seems that the user interface
of Smap is good enough to start immediately.

> Unfortunately I’ve just yesterday finished lecturing on Curry for the
> year, showing code but not running it because I am unable to get things
> installed on the theatre PCs. Doing this from a browser with Smap would
> be perfect… But I will let the students know they can play with the
> language and examples without having to install Haskell/Prolog and Curry.

Fine, but keep in mind that the language mode is restricted: I/O
operations are not allowed in example programs (in order to keep our
web server happy...).

> One thing I would ask is
> a. whether you could allow us to run the Haskell programs under Curry to
> demonstrate compatibility, OR
> b. whether you would prefer us to put up duplicate programs under Curry
> and Haskell with the same goal

Since Curry is (not yet) a superset of Haskell, the languages are
considered distinct for Smap. Hence, the code need to be duplicated.
However, I'd prefer Curry programs showing specific features
of functional logic programming (although there are already purely
functional Curry programs in Smap).

> I would also propose to put up some programs that test the definition of
> the language and have different behaviour under the different Curry systems.

What do you have in mind? Different Curry systems differ in their
computational power, e.g., KiCS2 supports various search strategies
and is sometimes "lazier" than PAKCS, but the computed results,
if they are computed, should be the same.

> It would also be good for some of the discussions on the list - e.g. the
> recent discussions of permutation sort in Curry vs Prolog.

Yes, this was the original idea to develop Smap: to have a place to
put some of these interesting examples.

Best regards,


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