New KiCS2 release available

From: Michael Hanus <>
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2014 14:05:02 +0200

Dear Colleagues,

the KiCS2 team from Kiel is pleased to announce a new stable
release of KiCS2 (Version 0.3.1). Information about KiCS2
is available at

where you can also download this release.

Since this is the first "official" announcement of a KiCS2
release on this mailing list, I'd like to highlight some
interesting features of KiCS2:

* KiCS2 is a major implementation of Curry based on the
  compilation of Curry programs into Haskell programs.
  Hence, the Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC) is necessary to use

* From its features, KiCS2 can be considered as the most
  advanced implementation of Curry since it supports functional
  patterns, set functions (executed lazily in contrast to PAKCS),
  narrowing on integers, and various search strategies
  (depth-first, breadth-first, iterative deepening, parallel).
  Actually, breadth-first is the default strategy for top-level
  computations, but one can easily switch to another strategy.

* To get an overview of the basic features of KiCS2, look at
  "Starting with KiCS2" at

* KiCS2 comes with many libraries and tools. There is also
  a web-based API search for the libraries of KiCS2 at
  Actually, we try to keep the libraries of KiCS2 and PAKCS
  in sync, if possible (exceptions are libraries for constraint

* Since KiCS2 uses GHC to compile programs and also each
  top-level goal/expression, the compilation time for larger
  programs is considerable, in particular, much higher than
  with PAKCS. On the other hand, the generated programs are
  usually much faster than PAKCS-compiled programs.
  Since most parts of KiCS2 are implemented in KiCS2,
  the initial installation might take some time, but we
  hope that, in the end, you enjoy KiCS2.

Any comments and suggestions are welcome!

Best regards,


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