Re: Getting the constructor from flat curry

From: Wolfgang Lux <>
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2010 09:05:45 +0200

hema kumar wrote:

> If you can please tell me what is the error in the program
> Sebastian mailed. Do not get why it is giving the error i mailed in
> my last mail.
> error corresponding to constructorNames.
> Prelude> :l flatConstrs.curry
> Parsing 'flatConstrs.curry'...
> generating flatConstrs.fcy ...
> cymake:
> "flatConstrs.curry", line 4.2: Unexpected token identifier
It looks like you got indentation of the source wrong. Recall that
layout is relevant in Curry and all import and top level declarations
must start at the same column. Assuming that the two import
declarations start at the leftmost column, i.e., column 1, you should
delete the white space that precedes the constructorNames declaration
in line 4.


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