Re: Name discussion for new primtive

From: Bernd Brassel <>
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 12:09:40 +0100

German Vidal schrieb:
> Probably I missed something, but I think that the most appropriate
> name would be simply 'eval'. It doesn't sound operational and it
> reflects quite well what we want to achive: the evaluation of its
> argument to a value (i.e., a head normal form).
> Of course, this is a keyword in Curry. But couldn't we change that?

That eval is a keyword seems unproblematic, because we do not need eval
annotaions anymore, when we have the new primitive.

But why does the name eval suggest that (eval X) suspends? A logical
variable is, after all, a valid head normal form. It is just no ground
head normal form.

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