Re: Curry's Constraint Syntax

From: Manuel Chakravarty <>
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 09:54:39 +0900 writes,

> If Curry wants to stay compatible with Haskell, there is a problem
> with Curry's constraint syntax and Haskell's labeled
> updates:

We had the same problem with Goffin with Haskell 1.4 (as
Curry's syntax is inspired by Goffin that is not very
surprising). The latest Goffin paper ``Distributed Haskell:
Goffin on the Internet'' (to appear in ``Proceedings of the
Third Fuji International Symposium on Functional and Logic
Programming''), contains our solution, i.e., a completely
Haskell compatible syntax, in the appendix. If you are
interested, you can find the paper at



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