Project: HECTOR (Hand Eye Calibration Toolkit for One-arm Robotsystems)

Researchers: Jordt A. , Siebel N.

HECTOR (Hand Eye Calibration Toolkit for One-arm Robot systems) is an application to support the development and deployment of calibration algorithms. It has a wide range of features: It is easy to extend the capabilities of HECTOR by writing new console commands, including own C++ source code into the existing framework. To make this easy, the core system of HECTOR provides a versatile callback structure. Functions can be registered to be called at certain events (arrival of the robot at a new destination, new image data available, idle time, etc.), and custom event triggers can be easily defined and triggered.
HECTOR is based on the Perception Action Components Library (PACLib) by the Cognitive Systems group. Images received from the HECTOR API are in the PACImage format, providing a wide range of complex image processing components.


2009 Automatic high-precision self-calibration of camera-robot systems
Jordt A., Siebel N., Sommer G.
In Proceedings of 2009 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2009), Kobe, Japan, pages 1244--1249, IS BN 987-1-4244-2789-5, May 2009.
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2009 Selbstkalibrierung eines Kamera-Robotersystems
Jordt A.