Selected Recent Publications
Invited Conference or Workshop Paper   W. Goerigk (Invited Paper, 2001):
Mechanical Software Verification: High Level Control Aspects from a User's Perspective. 
Journal Paper W. Goerigk, H. Langmaack (2001, Submitted):
Will Informatics be able to Justify the Construction of Large Computer Based Systems?
Conference or Workshop Paper R. Bartsch, W. Goerigk (2001, © AAAI Press):
Mechanical a-posteriori Verification of Results: A Case Study for a Safety Critical AI System. 
Invited Conference or Workshop Paper W. Goerigk, H. Langmaack (Invited Paper, 2000):
Compiler Implementation Verification and Trojan Horses. [Draft Extended Version].
Conference or Workshop Paper W. Goerigk (2000):
Proving Preservation of Partial Correctness with ACL2: A Mechanical Compiler Source Level Correctness Proof. 
Book or Book Contribution W. Goerigk (2000, © Kluwer Academic Publishers):
Compiler Verification Revisited.