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JAVA-RAP: How To Get

Hardware requirements

The current system can only be used on a SUN-workstation with SOLARIS or on an INTEL-based LINUX-system.

Software requirements


JAVA-RAP execution command is java JavaRAPGui.

What it does

JAVA-RAP will create ~/.JRGsettings and ~/.JRGGuisettings, where .JRGsettings is only written if the user chooses to alter setting defaults and .JRGGuisettings is written after JAVA-RAP has exited: in this file all window positions and sizes will be stored. After restarting JAVA-RAP all windows will have the old positions and sizings.


You can download the system from our FTP-Server. It is located in /pub/kiel/progdev/JAVA-RAP. Do not forget to download Native RAP. Please have a look at the README file.

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