WFLP 2001 Registration

 GLP/ALP membership

Members of the GLP (Society of Logic Programming) or ALP (Association for Logic Programming) can register with a reduced registration fee. If you pay the full registration fee for non-members, you can either apply for membership in the GLP or ALP or extend your membership in the GLP or ALP for one year. If you are interested in one of these options, please mark this in the registration form.

 Registration fees

The registration fees includes: one copy of the proceedings, the attendance to all workshop sessions, coffee breaks, lunches, and the social event (including a dinner on September 14, 2001). Additional tickets for the social event can be ordered on the registration form or at the workshop.

The registration fees are (all fees are in Euros):

early registration late registration
(before July 15) (after July 15)
GLP/ALP members 180 Euros 220 Euros
Non-members 210 Euros 250 Euros
extra social events ticket 60 Euros 60 Euros

For a limited number of students who have no support from their home institution, some support is available from the GLP to reduce their registration fee. If you need such support, please write to Michael Hanus.


A written notification of cancellation must be sent to the Workshop Secretariat. A 15% management cost will be charged for all cancellations. For cancellations received after September 1, 2001, only 50% of the amount will be refunded.

 Hotel Accommodation

We have reserved a number of hotel rooms for a reasonable price (between 50 and 70 Euros per night including breakfast for a single room, between 79 and 91 Euros per night including breakfast for a double room) within walking distance from the center of Kiel. If you are interested in one of these hotel rooms, you can reserve them by sending the hotel reservation form (by fax or regular mail) to the Workshop Secretariat before July 15, 2001.

After July 15, you can try to find a hotel by your own, e.g., by contacting the Tourist Information of Kiel.

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