WFLP 2001 Proceedings

The proceedings of the International Workshop on Functional and (Constraint) Logic Programming has been published as Technical Report No. 2017 of the University of Kiel. Below are links to the (gzipped) Postscript files of the individual contributions.

Cover and Preface

Invited Talks

Peter Van Roy: Functional-Logic Programming as an Antidote in Computer Science Education (here is more material related to this talk)
Thomas Arts: Functional programming and logic decrease the use of the most important part of our system

Functional Logic Programming

Sergio Antoy, Pascual Julian Iranzo, Bart Massey: Improving the Efficiency of Non-Deterministic Computations
Jeremie Blanc and Rachid Echahed: Adding Time to Functional Logic Programs
André Rauber Du Bois, Jorge Luis Victória Barbosa, Cláudio Fernando Resin Geyer: Adding Functional Programming into the Holo Language


M. Alpuente, F. Correa, M. Falaschi: A Debugging Scheme for Functional Logic Programs
Rafel Caballero, Mario Rodriguez-Artalejo: A Declarative Debugger of Wrong Answers for Lazy Functional Logic Programs
Bernard Pope and Lee Naish: Specialisation of Higher-Order Functions for Debugging


Slim Abdennadher, Ekkerhard Krämer, Matthias Saft, Matthias Schmauss: JACK: A Java Constraint Kit
Dietmar Seipel and Ulrich Geske: Solving Cardinality Constraints in (Constraint) Logic Programming
Georg Ringwelski: An Asynchronous Execution Model for Constraint Processing in Object-Oriented Software


Manfred Widera: A Sketch of Complete Type Inference for Functional Programming
Lucilia Figueiredo and Carlos Camarão: Principal Typing And Mutual Recursion (original version in printed proceedings)
Sandra Alves, Mário Florido : Type Inference using Constraint Handling Rules


Miguel Palomino Tarjuelo: Comparing Meseguer's Rewriting Logic with the Logic CRWL
Salvador Lucas: Context-Sensitive Rewriting, Lazy Rewriting, and On-Demand Rewriting
Sibylle Schwarz: Stable Generated Models of Generalized Constraint Logic Programs


Frank Huch: Model Checking Erlang Programs -- Abstracting the Context-Free Structure
Erik Johansson and Konstantinos Sagonas: Linear Scan Register Allocation in the HiPE Compiler


Sergio Antoy, Michael Hanus, Bart Massey and Frank Steiner: An Implementation of Narrowing Strategies
Shinya Sato, Toru Sugimoto and Shinichi Yamada: An implementation model of the typed lambda-calculus based on Linear Chemical Abstract Machine

Language Design

Rachid Echahed and Wendelin Serwe: A Component-Based Approach to Concurrent Declarative Programming
Rachid Echahed and Wendelin Serwe: Integrating Action Definitions into Concurrent Declarative Programming
J.E. Labra Gayo, J.M. Cueva Lovelle, M.C. Luengo Díez, A. Cernuda del Río: Specification of Logic Programming Languages from Reusable Semantic Building Blocks

Logic Programming: Extension and Transformation

Chieko Nakabasami: Inducing differences among Documents using Aleph with Construction of Background Knowledge
Hiroshi Mabuchi, Kiyoshi Akama, Hidekatsu Koike: Emergent Computation for Semantic Interpretation by Rule-Based Equivalent Transformation
Hiroshi Mabuchi, Kiyoshi Akama, Hidekatsu Koike: Synthesis of Conversion Rules by Expanding Logic Programs

System Descriptions

Rudolf Berghammer, Ulf Milanese: KIEL - A Computer System for Visualizing the Execution of Functional Programs
Michael Hanus, Johannes Koj: CIDER: An Integrated Devlopment Environment for Curry
Alfred Fent and Burkhard Freitag: ULTRAflow - A Lightweight Workflow Management System
Michael Hanus