Accepted WFLP 2001 papers:

Manfred Widera: A Sketch of Complete Type Inference for Functional Programming
Shinya Sato, Toru Sugimoto and Shinichi Yamada: An implementation model of the typed lambda-calculus based on Linear Chemical Abstract Machine
Sandra Alves, Mário Florido : Type Inference using Constraint Handling Rules
Chieko Nakabasami: Inducing differences among Documents using Aleph with Construction of Background Knowledge
Hiroshi Mabuchi, Kiyoshi Akama, Hidekatsu Koike: Emergent Computation for Semantic Interpretation by Rule-Based Equivalent Transformation
Hiroshi Mabuchi, Kiyoshi Akama, Hidekatsu Koike: Synthesis of Conversion Rules by Expanding Logic Programs
Georg Ringwelski: An Asynchronous Execution Model for Constraint Processing in Object-Oriented Software
Miguel Palomino Tarjuelo: Comparing Meseguer's Rewriting Logic with the Logic CRWL
Rudolf Berghammer, Ulf Milanese: KIEL - A Computer System for Visualizing the Execution of Functional Programs / System description
Sergio Antoy, Michael Hanus, Bart Massey and Frank Steiner: An Implementation of Narrowing Strategies
Rafel Caballero, Mario Rodriguez-Artalejo: A Declarative Debugger of Wrong Answers for Lazy Functional Logic Programs
Bernard Pope and Lee Naish: Specialisation of Higher-Order Functions for Debugging
Sibylle Schwarz: Stable Generated Models of Generalized Constraint Logic Programs
Alfred Fent and Burkhard Freitag: ULTRAflow - A Lightweight Workflow Management System / System description
Michael Hanus, Johannes Koj: CIDER: An Integrated Devlopment Environment for Curry / System description
Rachid Echahed and Wendelin Serwe: Integrating Action Definitions into Concurrent Declarative Programming
Rachid Echahed and Wendelin Serwe: A Component-Based Approach to Concurrent Declarative Programming
Jeremie Blanc and Rachid Echahed: Adding Time to Functional Logic Programs
Salvador Lucas: Context-Sensitive Rewriting, Lazy Rewriting, and On-Demand Rewriting
Frank Huch: Model Checking Erlang Programs -- Abstracting the Context-Free Structure
J.E. Labra Gayo, J.M. Cueva Lovelle, M.C. Luengo Díez, A. Cernuda del Río: Specification of Logic Programming Languages from Reusable Semantic Building Blocks
Slim Abdennadher, Ekkerhard Krämer, Matthias Saft, Matthias Schmauss: JACK: A Java Constraint Kit
André Rauber Du Bois, Jorge Luis Victória Barbosa, Cláudio Fernando Resin Geyer: Adding Functional Programming into the Holo Language
Erik Johansson and Konstantinos Sagonas: Linear Scan Register Allocation in the HiPE Compiler
Sergio Antoy, Pascual Julian Iranzo, Bart Massey: Improving the Efficiency of Non-Deterministic Computations
Lucilia Figueiredo and Carlos Camarão: Principal Typing And Mutual Recursion
Dietmar Seipel and Ulrich Geske: Solving Cardinality Constraints in (Constraint) Logic Programming
M. Alpuente, F. Correa, M. Falaschi: A Debugging Scheme for Functional Logic Programs

Michael Hanus
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