An Integrated Development Environment for Declarative Multi-Paradigm Programming

by Michael Hanus, Johannes Koj

Proc. of the Eleventh Workshop on Logic Programming Environments (WLPE'01), pp. 1-14., 2001

In this paper we present CIDER (Curry Integrated Development EnviRonment), an analysis and programming environment for the declarative multi-paradigm language Curry. CIDER is a graphical environment to support the development of Curry programs by providing integrated tools for the analysis and visualization of programs. CIDER is completely implemented in Curry using libraries for GUI programming (based on Tcl/Tk) and meta-programming. An important aspect of our environment is the possible adaptation of the development environment to other declarative source languages (e.g., Prolog or Haskell) and the extensibility w.r.t. new analysis methods. To support the latter feature, the lazy evaluation strategy of the underlying implementation language Curry becomes quite useful.

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