CPM: A Declarative Package Manager with Semantic Versioning

by Michael Hanus, Jonas Oberschweiber

Pre-Proceedings of the Conference on Declarative Programming (Declare 2017), Technical Report 499, University of W├╝rzburg pp. 233-241, 2017

We present CPM, a package manager for the declarative multi-paradigm language Curry. Although CPM inherits many ideas from package managers for other programming languages, a distinguishing feature of CPM is its support to check the rules of semantic versioning, a convenient principle to associate meaningful version numbers to different software releases. Although the correct use of version numbers is important in software package systems where packages depend on other packages with specific releases, it is often used as an informal agreement but usually not checked by package managers. CPM is different in this aspect: it provides support for checking the semantic requirements implied by the semantic versioning scheme. Since these semantic requirements are undecidable in general, CPM uses the property-based testing tool CurryCheck to check the semantic equivalence of two different versions of a software package. Thus, CPM provides a good compromise between the use and formal verification of the semantic versioning rules.

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