An Open System to Support Web-based Learning

by Michael Hanus, Frank Huch

Proc. of the 12th International Workshop on Functional and (Constraint) Logic Programming (WFLP 2003), to appear, 2003

In this paper we present a system, called CurryWeb, to support web-based learning. Characteristic features of this system is openness and self-responsible use. Openness means that there is no strong distinction between instructors and students, i.e., every user can learn with the system or add new learning material to it. Self-responsible use means that every user is responsible for selecting the right material to obtain the desired knowledge. However, the system supports this selection process by structuring all learning material hierarchically and as a hypergraph whose nodes and edges are marked with educational objectives and educational units, respectively. The complete system is implemented with the declarative multi-paradigm language Curry. In this paper we describe how the various features of Curry support the high-level implementation of this system. This shows the appropriateness of declarative multi-paradigm languages for the implementation of complex web-based systems.

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