A Modular and Generic Analysis Server System for Functional Logic Programs

by Michael Hanus, Fabian Sklrac

Proc. of the ACM SIGPLAN 2014 Workshop on Partial Evaluation and Program Manipulation (PEPM'14), ACM Press, pp. 181-188, 2014
© ACM Press

We present the design, implementation, and application of a system, called CASS, for the analysis of functional logic programs. The system is generic so that various kinds of analyses (e.g., groundness, non-determinism, demanded arguments) can be easily integrated. In order to analyze larger applications consisting of dozens or hundreds of modules, CASS supports a modular and incremental analysis of programs. Moreover, it can be used by different programming tools, like documentation generators, analysis environments, program optimizers, as well as Eclipse-based development environments. For this purpose, CASS can also be invoked as a server system to get a language-independent access to its functionality. CASS is completely implemented in the functional logic language Curry as a master/worker architecture to exploit parallel or distributed execution environments.

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