A Residualizing Semantics for the Partial Evaluation of Functional Logic Programs

by Elvira Albert, Michael Hanus, Germán Vidal

Information Processing Letters, Vol. 85, No. 1, pp. 19-25, 2003
© Elsevier

Recent proposals for multi-paradigm declarative programming combine the most important features of functional, logic and concurrent programming into a single framework. The operational semantics of these languages is usually based on a combination of narrowing and residuation. In this note, we introduce a non-standard, residualizing semantics for multi-paradigm declarative programs and prove its equivalence with a standard operational semantics. Our residualizing semantics is particularly relevant within the area of program transformation where it is useful, e.g., to perform computations during partial evaluation. Thus, the proof of equivalence is a crucial result to demonstrate the correctness of (existing) partial evaluation schemes.

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