A Concurrent Implementation of Curry in Java

by Michael Hanus, Ramin Sadre

Proc. ILPS'97 Workshop on Parallelism and Implementation Technology for (Constraint) Logic Programming Languages, Port Jefferson (New York), 1997
Revised and extended version

Curry is a multi-paradigm declarative language aiming to amalgamate functional, logic, and concurrent programming paradigms. Curry combines in a seamless way features from functional programming and (concurrent) logic programming. Curry's operational semantics is based on the combination of lazy reduction of expressions together with a possibly non-deterministic binding of free variables occurring in expressions. Moreover, (equational) constraints can be executed concurrently which provides for passive constraints and concurrent computation threads that are synchronized on logical variables. This paper sketches a first prototype implementation of Curry in Java. The main emphasis of this implementation is the exploitation of Java threads to implement the concurrent and non-deterministic features of Curry.

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