A Generic Analysis Server System for Functional Logic Programs

by Michael Hanus, Fabian Reck

Proc. of the 13th International Colloquium on Implementation of Constraint and Logic Programming Systems (CICLOPS 2013)}, pp. 1-16, 2013

We present a system, called CASS, for the analysis of functional logic programs. The system is generic so that various kinds of analyses (e.g., groundness, non-determinism, demanded arguments) can be easily integrated. In order to analyze larger applications consisting of dozens or hundreds of modules, CASS supports a modular and incremental analysis of programs. Moreover, it can be used by different programming tools, like documentation generators, analysis environments, program optimizers, as well as Eclipse-based development environments. For this purpose, CASS can also be invoked as a server system to get a language-independent access to its functionality. CASS is completely implemented in the functional logic language Curry as a master/worker architecture to exploit parallel or distributed execution environments.

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