5 Managing Curry Packages

5.2 Installing Tools

Many tools for Curry are available as packages. Actually, more than thirty tools are available as packages, e.g., to analyze, test, or verify Curry programs, generate documentation, web frameworks, etc. Such packages provide an “executable” (its name is shown by CPM’s info command). In order to install a tool provided by PACKAGE, one can use the command

> cypm install PACKAGE

This command downloads the package into some internal directory ($HOME/.cpm/apps_…), compiles the tool, and installs the binary of the tool provided by the package in $HOME/.cpm/bin. Hence it is recommended to add this directory to your path.

For instance, the most recent version of CPM can be installed by the commands

> cypm update
> cypm install cpm
... Package 'cpm-xxx' checked out ...
INFO  Installing executable 'cypm' into '/home/joe/.cpm/bin'

Now, the binary cypm of the most recent CPM version can be used if $HOME/.cpm/bin is in your path (before the bin directory of the Curry system!).