Re: Lots of problems with cypm

From: Michael Hanus <>
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2019 10:59:08 +0200

On 4/8/19 8:53 PM, Andy Jost wrote:
> For me the time it takes to run cypm is a problem. For instance, 3:39 to run "cypm list". Is this normal behavior?

SWI-Prolog is quite slow, but this looks too much.

On my machine (i7-7700K CPU _at_ 4.20GHz), the command
"cypm list" needs

13.8 secs with PAKCS/SWI-Prolog 7.6
2.2 secs with PAKCS/SICStus-Prolog
0.3 secs with KiCS2

If there is no SQLite DB available, CPM does everything with
standard files (where Curry terms are stored). Please check
whether you have `sqlite3` in your path (otherwise, you should
have seen a message about sqlite3 during the `update` command)
and whether the database file `$HOME/.cpm/REPOSITORY_CACHE.db`

Another approach is to use debug/timing options, e.g.,

    cypm -v debug -t list

Then you see some debug output with time information
(which you also can send me to look at it).


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