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From: Michael Hanus <mh_at_informatik.uni-kiel.de>
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2017 21:13:26 +0200

Dear Curry users,

I'd like to inform you that we have extended our Curry
systems to include type classes a la Haskell'98.
This was a wish by various people and, thanks to the
work of Finn Teegen, type classes are now in our main branch
of the Curry systems PAKCS and KiCS2. Moreover, almost
our tools (optimizer, browser, various analysis, web framework,
etc) are also available for the type class version of Curry.

You can download PAKCS and KiCS2 with type classes from the
usual web pages:


The type class implementations have version number 2.x

Note that type classes are include to some old Curry programs,
but this can easily be fixed by introducing "deriving" declarations
for data types (e.g., Eq, Ord, Show, Read) or fixing existing
type signatures by adding class constraints.

Since it would be difficult to maintain all Curry systems with
and without type classes, PAKCS version 1.15.x and KiCS2 version 0.6.x
will be the last versions of our Curry systems without type classes.
Hence, the support for these versions will probably be terminated in
the near future. Moreover, we are working to get PAKCS 2.x in the next
Debian release and the next LTS release of Ubuntu.

So, it might be time to try the type class version of Curry!
This release is "almost" stable, i.e., we will only do smaller
changes in the REPL or some system libraries before freezing
this version.
So, suggestions for improvements or changes are welcome!

Best regards and have fun,

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