Help using currypp

From: James Koppel <>
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2017 16:58:51 -0400


I'm trying to inspect the output of currypp so I can debug an issue I've
been having with default cases. I'm having substantial difficulty figuring
out how it's supposed to be used.

The usage instructions say:

Usage: curry pp <OrgFileName> <InputFilePath> <OutputFilePath> <options>

<OrgFileName> : name of original program source file

<InputFilePath> : name of the actual input file

<OutputFilePath>: name of the file where output should be written

I don't understand the difference between OrgFileName and InputFileName.
My best guess of how to invoke currypp is an invocation like this:

curry pp ilp.curry ilp.curry ilp_out.curry defaultrules -v

Where "ilp.curry" is the file I want to transform, and I am running this
from the directory that contains ilp.curry .

However, this simply gives the following error:

> Curry Preprocessor (version of 12/01/2017)
> ==========================================
> ERROR: context(:(system,/(open,4)),No such file or directory)
I'd appreciate help finding a way to understand the output of the

James Koppel

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