Some syntax sugar for logic programming

From: <>
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2014 07:36:57 +0300


I’m interesting whether some syntax extensions are planned, exactly:

1. habitual disjunction, i.e. orC in Prelude in form of Cond1 orC Cond2 orC … instead of orC [Cond1, Cond2,...] resided in Constraint
2. fromBoolToSuccess (and vise versa?) and not operator for writing things like notC (fromBoolToSuccess (null lst)) instead of explicit null lst =:= False
3. matching of whole pattern and part of it in one construction, like in functional counterpart, i.e. (Var1_at_(SubVar1,SubVar2),Var2) =:= somefunction


P.S.: Maybe i underlooked some of described, and it’s already there. Or maybe what i propose is just an unnecessary sugar striking from prolog age.

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