Curry Crash Course

From: Sebastian Fischer <>
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2013 20:54:35 +0100

Dear all,

last week, I have introduced Curry to students of the University of Bonn,
Germany. I think we have discussed some interesting Curry programs that you
can download here, if you are interested:

The programs should work in all Curry systems, although a few examples
using findall do not work in KiCS2 (which does not support findall). I have
used MCC because all other systems were too slow for at least one example.

Best regards,

P.S. findall can be defined in KiCS2 as follows:

    findall p = unsafePerformIO $ values2list $ set1 unpack p

I think this would be a useful replacement for the current (undefined)
definition of findall in KiCS2.

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