Database library based on SQLite

From: Sebastian Fischer <>
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2011 20:06:37 +0900


some time ago I wrote a replacement for PAKCS's KeyDatabase library based on
SQLite. It seems Michael has tried it with non-trivial applications
(thanks!) so I guess it is safe to announce it now:

In principle, the library could be used with other Curry systems, like MCC
or KiCS but there are three problems that currently impede portability:

1. The module reuses datatypes from PAKCS's Database module to avoid
duplicating them. Those types could be easily redefined for systems that do
not have the Database module.

2. The module uses PAKCS's Global module to store database and table names.
I guess it could be rewritten to use a global IORef and unsafePerformIO.

3. The module uses PAKCS's ReadShowTerm module to convert between Curry data
and strings stored in the database. MCC does not support reading Curry
terms. With the type-class branch of MCC, conversion could be implemented
via overloading. For the normal branch, it seems the compiler would need to
be extended.

Best regards,

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