Re: Neither PAKCS nor MCC transform right sections according to the Curry report.

From: Michael Hanus <>
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2011 15:19:19 +0100

Wolfgang Lux wrote:
> Incidentally, the current translation of sections in the report is
> rather inconsistent.

I agree. Theinconsistencies in the report stem
from a time where all consequences were not so clear.

> Before changing MCC in any way, I'd prefer having the
> report specify the translations of left and right sections
> consistently. Either
> (e `op`) = \x -> e `op` x
> (`op` e) = \x -> x `op` e
> or
> (e `op`) = (\f x y -> f x y) (op) (e)
> (`op` e) = (\f x y -> f y x) (op) (e)

I also prefer the second form since it avoids the introduction
of additional non-determinism. Together with the proposals
already discussed, I think it is time to update the report.
Before doing so, I'll post the proposed changes for your consideration.

Best regards,

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