DAMP'10: Call for Participation

From: Enrico Pontelli <epontell_at_cs.nmsu.edu>
Date: Tue, 08 Dec 2009 21:16:59 -0700

                        DAMP 2010: Workshop on
              Declarative Aspects of Multicore Programming
                             Madrid, SPAIN
                       (colocated with POPL 2010)
                            January 19, 2010

The advent of multicore architectures has profoundly increased the
importance of research in parallel computing. Modern platforms are
becoming more complex and heterogenous and novel solutions are needed
to account for their peculiarities.
Multicore architectures will differ in significant ways from their
multisocket predecessors. For example, the communication to compute
bandwidth ratio is likely to be higher, which will positively impact
performance. More generally, multicore architectures introduce several
new dimensions of variability in both performance guarantees and
architectural contracts, such as the memory model, that may not
stabilize for several generations of product.

Programs written in functional or (constraint-)logic programming
languages, or in other highly declarative languages with a controlled
use of side effects, can greatly simplify parallel programming. Such
declarative programming allows for a deterministic semantics even
when the underlying implementation might be highly non-deterministic.
In addition to simplifying programming this can simplify debugging and
analyzing correctness.

DAMP 2010 is the fifth in a series of one-day workshops seeking to
explore ideas in declarative programming language design that will
greatly simplify programming for multicore architectures, and more
generally for tightly coupled parallel architectures. DAMP seeks to
gather together researchers in declarative approaches to parallel
programming and to foster cross fertilization across different

Preliminary Program:
Tuesday January 19th, 2010:

Invited Talk [9:00-10:00]
     * Parallelizing Constraint Programs.
       Laurent Michel (University of Connecticut)

Coffee Break [10:00-10:30]

Session 1 [10:30-11:30]
     * PASTHA - Parallelizing Stencil Calculations in Haskell
       Michael Lesniak
     * Ypnos: Declarative Parallel Structured Grid Programming
       Dominic Orchard, Alan Mycroft, Max Bolingbroke

Coffee Break [11:30-12:00]

Session 2 [12:00-13:00]
     * SequenceL: Transparency and Multi-core Parallelism
       Brad Nemanich, Daniel Cooke, Nelson Rushton
     * Efficient Parallel Programming in Poly/ML and Isabelle/ML
       David Matthews, Makarius Wenzel

Lunch (PROVIDED by the Conference) [13:00-14:30]

Session 3 [14:30-15:30]
     * S-Net for Multi-Memory Multicores
       Clemens Grelck, Jukka Julku, Frank Penczek
     * Compress-and-Conquer for Optimal Multicore Computing
       Z. George Mou, Hai Liu, Paul Hudak

Coffee Break [15:30-16:00]

Sesssion 4 [16:00-17:00]
     * Lightweight Ansynchrony using Parasitic Threads
       KC Sivaramakrishnan, Lukasz Ziarek, Raghavendra Prasad,
       Suresh Jagannathan
     * A Parallel ASP Instantiator Based on DLV
       Simona Perri, Francesco Ricca, Marco Sirianni

Invited Talk [17:00-18:00]
     * Declarative Data-Parallel Programming with the Accellerator
       Satnam Singh (Microsoft Research)



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