Re: design pattern wanted

From: Michael Hanus <>
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 17:41:29 +0200

Steffen Mazanek wrote:
> I got two replies so far. The first one suggested a solution
> where instantiated and uninstantiated edges are hold in
> two different data structures. But I guess this can only
> be done making heavy use of unsafe functions and losing
> nice properties.
> The second reply suggested to think about tricks with
> laziness. This is the direction my question was targeted
> at. But I do not actually know whether and how this
> can be done.
> I wonder how the Prolog people deal with this issue. I
> have not found a related approach yet. Do you know
> of any work in this direction?

Sorry, but I don't know. In general, Prolog people tend
to use non-declarative features, like checking for the instantiation
of variables, so that I guess that the first suggestion
would be also done by Prolog users.

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