PAKCS Sockets on swi-pl?

From: Steffen Mazanek <>
Date: Mon, 07 Apr 2008 22:13:55 +0200

Hello everybody,

can anybody start the simple AddServer example
of Socket communciation using PAKCS based
on SWI-Prolog? I get the following errors:

AddServer> addServer
{ERROR: error(existence_error(procedure, prologbasics:tcp_socket/1),
context(prologbasics:listenOnNewSocket/3, _G5133))}
AddServer> :fork addServer
ERROR: prologbasics:forkProcessForGoal/1: Undefined procedure:
   Exception: (6) pakcsMain ? creep

Or is the sockets stuff only intended to run with
Sicstus? I have not tried this for license reasons, but I
have tried with MCC where this works like a charm.

Thanks a lot!

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