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Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2007 10:21:25 +0200

* Am 25.10.07 schrieb Wolfgang Lux:
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> PS: Thanks for the example. IMHO, it is just another good argument to
> enforce
> a capitalization convention in Curry.

This is not intended to heat up a debate on syntax, it's just how I like
to make use of the absence of a capitalization convention: While
(standard) Curry doesn't have typeclasses allowing an overloaded 'fmap'
operation, I got to the habit of using the same name for the
typeconstructor and for its mapping functional.

        data Tree a = Leaf a | Node (Tree a) (Tree a)

        Tree :: (a -> b) -> Tree a -> Tree b
        Tree f (Leaf a) = Leaf (f a)
        Tree f (Node l r) = Node (Tree f l) (Tree f r)

-- Tree (id :: a -> a) == id :: Tree a -> Tree a
-- Tree (g . f) == (Tree g) . (Tree f)

That might look odd to some, but it saves you from having to invent new
names and it's what you usually get to see in category theory literature.

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