Re: Confused Students

From: Sebastian Fischer <>
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 18:52:26 +0200

let me add two small observations:

1. Although it looks like eval-time choice would be more intuitive in
this example, this is not the case. The rule

> search g xs | not (x `elem` xs) = search g (x:xs) where x = g (head
> xs) -- no cycles in path

relies on call-time choice. It is essential, that both occurrences of
x -- the one in (x `elem` xs) and the one in search g (x:xs) --
denote the same node of the graph.

2. We could add to the rule

> f (x?y) = f x ? f y

the rule

(f?g) x = f x ? g x

and characterize call-time choice as distributive law between
application and non-deterministic choice.


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