Re: New PAKCS release (Version 1.8.0)

From: Claus Reinke <>
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007 10:04:12 +0100

Hi Sebastian,

thanks for your interest. for those who read German and like to browse dusty
old things in the hope of finding shiny new insights, a postscript version is here:

> "Elemente einer kombinierten funktionalen/logischen Sprache: ein
> Konzept für die Erweiterung einer Reduktionssprache"

of course, i'd be interested to learn what todays Curry community thinks of it,
but even as the author, i have to admit that it is somewhat longwinded even for
a German academic text, and not as formal or concise as i'd like it today (seems
i already was a fan of Wadler's list of successes trick, but did not yet know about
monads, there's no discussion of separating effects by types, only fragments of
operational semantics, ..). well, it was only a MSc thesis, and the reading is light,
so if you apply some speed-reading to focus on the bits that interest you, i hope
you might still find it a worthwhile perspective on functional logic programming
at the time (are folks here aware of Berkling's work on epsilon reduction, for

thanks again,

ps. yes, Kluge tends to do a thorough job on explaining things (unlike Berkling,
    who didn't seem able to present and sell his great ideas), although his style is
    sometimes in an awkward place between formal and informal. but the work
    on reduction systems in the Berkling/Kluge tradition is well worth looking
    into, for anyone interested in declarative language design and implementation.

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