Re: Curry module system

From: Michael Hanus <>
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 15:22:50 +0100

Bernd Brassel wrote:
> Wolfgang Jeltsch wrote:
> >>> Thanks for the feedback. Could you comment a bit more a provide
> >>> a link to explain why the record system is broken?
> >>
> >> I will ask on the Haskell Mailing List if there is a web page or so which
> >> describes the problems with the current system in a compact form.
> >
> > Have a look at the thread starting with the message available under the
> > following URL:
> >
> >
> A bit more concrete is

Thanks for the links. However, as far as I have understood by now,
the current Haskell98 record system is not broken but does not
support all desires that one could imagine. Some of these problems
could also occur if one implements records by hand. Thus, I think
a syntactic and compiler-checked support for a subset of a general
record system is better than nothing...



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