Re: prelude extension proposal

From: Bernd Brassel <>
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2005 14:21:57 +0200

Wolfgang Lux schrieb:

> In fact, in that view encapsulation is neither rigid nor flexible(*), but
> it is simply an error to use a non-local variable (except for putting it
> into some data term that is returned from the encapsulated search).
> (*) Encapsulation cannot be flexible because that would mean the search
> goal could instantiate (probably non-determinstically) non-local variables.

Actually, this is what the mentioned paper describes. You can bind
non-local variables, but this binding is then only local. Conceptually,
strong encapsulation means making a copy of the whole evaluation state.
And, if you'd like, you can call this kind of encapsulation "flexible".

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