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                  CALL FOR PAPERS - LOPSTR'05

           International Symposium on Logic-based Program
                  Synthesis and Transformation

               SEPTEMBER 7 - 9, 2005 : LONDON, UK.


The aim of the LOPSTR series is to stimulate and promote international
research and collaboration on logic-based program development; the
workshop is open to contributions in logic-based program development
in any language paradigm.

LOPSTR'05 will be held at Imperial College in London co-located with
SAS 2005: The International Static Analysis Symposium

Previous LOPSTR events were held in Manchester, UK (1991, 1992, 1998),
Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium (1993), Pisa, Italy (1994), Arnhem, the
Netherlands (1995), Stockholm, Sweden (1996), Leuven, Belgium (1997),
Venice, Italy (1999), London, UK (2000), Paphos, Cyprus (2001),
Madrid, Spain (2002), Uppsala, Sweden (2003), Verona, Italy (2004).
Since 1994 the proceedings have been published in the LNCS series of

LOPSTR has a reputation for being a lively, friendly forum for
presenting new work and discussing work in progress, so it is a real
workshop in the sense that it is also able to provide useful feedback
to authors on their preliminary research. Formal proceedings of the
workshop are produced only after the workshop, so that authors can
incorporate this feedback in the published papers.

Scope of LOPSTR

    We solicit extended abstracts and full papers. Topics of
    interest cover all aspects of logic-based program development,
    all stages of the software life cycle, and issues of both
    programming-in-the-small and programming-in-the-large.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of topics:
   * specification
   * synthesis
   * verification
   * transformation
   * specialisation
   * analysis
   * optimisation
   * composition
   * reuse
   * applications and tools
   * proofs as programs
   * component-based software development
   * agent-based software development
   * software architectures
   * design patterns and frameworks
   * program refinement and logics for refinement

Submission Guidelines

Authors can either submit <i>extended abstracts</i> describing work in
progress or they can choose to submit <i>full papers</i>.
Contributions should be written in English and should be submitted
electronically in Postscript or PDF format at
http://www.comp.leeds.ac.uk/lopstr05/submit_abstracts.html (for
extended abstracts) and
http://www.comp.leeds.ac.uk/lopstr05/submit_fullpapers.html (for full
papers). Authors are also asked to send the title and abstract of
their submission three days before the deadline to
lopstr05_at_comp.leeds.ac.uk. Prospective authors who have difficulties
for the electronic submission may contact the chairman at

   Extended abstracts should not exceed 6 pages in llncs format
   and may describe work in progress. Promising abstracts relevant to
   the scope of LOPSTR will be selected for presentation at the conference.
   The submission deadline for extended abstracts is May 20th, 2005.

   Full papers should not exceed 16 pages (including
   references) in llncs format.
   These papers will be judged using ordinary conference quality criteria
   and accepted papers will have to be presented at the conference and will
   automatically appear in the pre-proceedings as well as in the final
   collection of papers, published in the LNCS series. The submission
   deadline for full papers is June 1st, 2005.

Accepted papers and abstracts will be collected in informal
pre-proceedings which will be available at the conference.

After the conference, authors of extended abstracts describing work
judged to be mature enough for publication will be invited to submit
full papers. These will be reviewed according to
the usual refereeing procedures. All accepted full papers, both those
accepted for the conference and those accepted full papers based on
the extended abstracts will be published in the final collection of
papers which is expected to be published in the Lecture Notes in Computer
(see http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs/) series by Springer-Verlag.
Note that the full
papers accepted before the conference will automatically appear in that
book; there will be no additional refereeing (although authors
will be given a chance to revise their papers, if they so wish).

Program Committee
   * Maria Alpuente,
   * Roberto Bagnara,
   * Gilles Barthe,
   * Annalisa Bossi,
   * Giorgio Delzanno,
   * Michael Hanus,
   * Patricia M. Hill, (Program Chair)
   * John Gallagher,
   * Lindsay Groves,
   * Gopal Gupta,
   * Michael Leuschel,
   * Fabio Martinelli,
   * Fred Mesnard,
   * Maurizio Proietti,
   * Andreas Podelski,
   * German Puebla,
   * Abhik Roychoudhury,
   * C.R. Ramakrishnan,
   * Wim Vanhoof.

Important dates
   * Submission of full papers: May 20, 2005
   * Submission of extended abstracts: June 3, 2005
   * Notification: June 27, 2005
   * Camera-ready: July 22, 2005
   * Conference: September 7-9, 2005

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