Re: AW: Name discussion for new primtive

From: Bernd Brassel <>
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 16:21:27 +0100

>If I understood Sergio correctly, he suggests
>"ensure" without any suffix, since a short name
>sketching the semantics is better than a long
>name explaining the sematics in detail. I agree
>with this point of view.

I would agree as well about the short name sketching the semantics, but
does "ensure" sketch the semantics at all? If shortage is so desirable,
how about "notFree"? I think this is better than "nonVar" because the
curry programmer knows logical variables not under that term, but simply
as "free".
Anyway, the primitive has to be used with great care, so a short name is
not that important. We could also call it "ensureNotFree", as a long
name will keep people from using it too often.

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