PAKCS Version 1.3 available

From: Michael Hanus <>
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 13:55:56 +0100 (MET)

Dear Colleagues,

a new version of PAKCS, the Portland Aachen Kiel Curry System,
is available for downloading via the web page

Here are a few changes (apart from the usual bug fixes)
in comparison to the previous version 1.2:

- The definition of ports (datatype Port and its
  associated operations for distributed programming)
  has been moved from the prelude into a separate system module.
  Thus, all applications using ports must now have the import
  declaration "--import Ports".

- The functionality of ports has been extended: ports can now be named
  by arbitrary symbolic names (instead of socket numbers as in the previous
  version). The name resolution is done by a specific Curry port name
  server (which is actually implemented in Curry).

- The Curry2Prolog compiler is based on a new intermediate
  language (*.flc files instead of *.flat files) which is closer
  to the definition of FlatCurry in the corresponding system module.

- The system library (a short description of all modules can be
  found in has been
  extended with new modules for parsing HTML documents and tools for
  supporting meta-programming based on FlatCurry.

Let me draw your attention to FlatCurry
This module has been developed to support meta-programming in Curry
and contains a number of datatype definitions for representing
Curry programs in a so-called "flat form" (where pattern matching,
lambda lifting and type inference has been already performed).
It is a good basis to develop further tools for Curry (e.g.,
compiler, program analyzer, partial evaluator, debugger) in Curry
and, therefore, I'd like to propose this module as a standard module
for future versions of Curry so that we can easily exchange
and integrate different tools for Curry.

Have fun!


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