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From: Michael Hanus <>
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 1997 16:26:40 +0100

Here are some short comments to Paco's answer.

Paco Lopez Fraguas wrote:
> - The distinction 'call-time-choice'<-> 'run-time-choice'
> is classical, gives raise to quite different semantics,
> and correspond more or less to
> 'call-by-value' and 'call-by-name' parameter passing, which
> behave completely different in presence of nondeterministic rules.

I understand the intuition behind your notion. On the other side,
it seems a little bit counter-intuitive to prefer 'call-by-value'
parameter passing for non-deterministic functions if you are
interested in a LAZY evaluation strategy. So, I would like
to repeat Sergio's question, since I think an answer would
be quite helpful: what's wrong with the 'run-time-choice'
or 'call-by-name' parameter passing?

> > If Curry is based from the beginning on non-deterministic
> > functions, it will be more difficult to convince functional
> > programmers that Curry covers their programming paradigm
> We do not see why. Maybe some functional programmers could think that
> non-deterministic functions are too strange things, but it seems
> clear that 'usual' functions are a particular case, hence
> Curry would cover FP.

I agree, but you have also to explain that equational reasoning
is unsound for such a language, and this may be annoying.

> Therefore, it seems that we may formulate
> Non-deterministic Curry's operational mechanism =
> Curry's operational mechanism + Sharing

If this works, I would be happy. Then we can consider non-deterministic
functions as a simple extension of "Kernel" Curry, which does not require
any additional implementation effort in a sharing implementation.

> We could agree on that. But in this case, we think
> that the core language should be _simple_, and therefore
> should avoid complicated conditions related to extra variables.
> Let's wait for non-deterministic functions, and the problem
> will dissapear.

I agree. Since I would be happier if we can avoid
complicated conditions on the use of extra variables,
I will try to change this point in the report, in the sense
that the current conditions are not language requirements
but are sufficient criteria for determinism.

Best regards,

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