Re: Curry

From: rinus plasmeijer <>
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 1996 16:14:40 +0200

At 12:22 +0200 18-12-1996, Herbert Kuchen wrote:
>Simon Peyton Jones writes:
>> Short summary
>> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>> Concentrate on your main innovation, and refrain from innovating
>> anywhere you don't have to. If you invent everything from scratch
>> you'll slow down your design a great deal, and reduce uptake from your
>> users.
>I agree
>> The current Curry design differs form Haskell in many places
>> where it could be identical. I think that represents a big missed
>> opportunity.
>In fact, we were already trying to keep close to Haskell,
>and only to deviate at crucial points (like e.g. logic
>variables, evaluation patterns, ...). Maybe we were not
>consequent enough.

Better try to keep your design as orthogonal as possible.
On the other hand, you wil get a lot more papers accepted if you stick to Haskell.

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