Curry Package 'rewriting'

API documentation

Package metadata:

Version      2.0.0
Author       Jan-Hendrik Matthes Michael Hanus <>
Maintainer   Michael Hanus <>
Synopsis     Libraries for term rewriting and narrowing
Category     Rewriting Narrowing
    base >= 1.0.0,  < 2.0.0
    abstract-curry >= 2.0.0
    finite-map >= 0.0.1
Compiler compatibility
    pakcs >= 2.0.0
    kics2 >= 2.0.0
    These libraries provide a representation of first-order terms and various
    notions of term rewriting, like position, substitution, unification,
    critical pairs, etc. Moreover, it defines also operations for rewriting and
    narrowing strategies and a representation of definitional trees. A previous
    version of these libraries were part of the PAKCS/KiCS2 distributions.
Exported modules
    Rewriting.CriticalPairs Rewriting.Narrowing Rewriting.Strategy
    Rewriting.Unification Rewriting.DefinitionalTree Rewriting.Position
    Rewriting.Substitution Rewriting.UnificationSpec Rewriting.Files
    Rewriting.Rules Rewriting.Term