Project: VISATEC

Researchers: Perwass C. , Sommer G. , Krause M. , Granert O.

The overall objective of the proposed project is to design a learning-based cognitive vision architecture and to implement essential generic components for the automatic adaptation to underlying tasks and environments. The objectives include adequate representation schemes for multi-dimensional images and object shapes, reliable feature extraction and multi cue integration, dynamic adaptation and learning mechanisms, and their purposive use for the detection of 3D objects in images and attentive object/situation analysis. These novel techniques will be exploited in the exemplary real-world application Skillful Robot Arm, which should be equipped with high-level cognitive competences such as object removal from a depository (e.g. container), and must rely on robust behaviours of the cognitive vision system as a whole and consider real-time constraints.
Last modified:2011-03-1 - Gerald Sommer