The ADVISOR visual surveillance system
 ADVISOR is an automated visual surveillance system for metro stations which was
developed as part of the project ADVISOR, involving 3 academic and 3 industrial
project partners.  The ADVISOR system aims at making public transport safer by
automatically detecting at an early stage dangerous situations which may lead
to accidents, violence or vandalism.  In order to achieve this people are
tracked across the station and their behaviours analysed.  Additional
measurements on crowd density and movement are also obtained.  Warnings are
generated and displayed to human operators for possible intervention.

The article explores the main difficulties encountered during the design and
implementation of ADVISOR and describes the ways in which they were solved.
A prototype system has been built and extensively tested, proving the
feasibility of automated visual surveillance systems.  An analysis of test runs
at a metro station in Barcelona and several individual experiments show that
the system copes with many difficult image analysis problems.  The analysis
also points the way for future development and ways of deployment of the
techniques used in the system.