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Table of Contents

Introducing CLOVER: An Object-Oriented Functional Language 1
Lee Braine and Chris Clack
Active Patterns 21
Martin Erwig
Context Patterns in Haskell 41
Markus Mohnen
The GRIN Project: A Highly Optimising Back End for Lazy Functional Languages 58
Urban Boquist and Thomas Johnsson
On Programming Scientific Applications in SAC - A Functional Language Extended by a Subsystem for High-Level Array Operations 85
Sven-Bodo Scholz
The Implementation and Efficiency of Arrays in Clean 1.1 105
John H.G. van Groningen
Implementing the Conjugate Gradient Algorithm in a Functional Language 125
Pascal R. Serrarens
An Implementation of Eden on Top of Concurrent Haskell 141
Silvia Breitinger, Ulrike Klusik and Rita Loogen
Coordinating Functional Processes Using Petri Nets 162
Claus Aßmann
Making a Packet: Cost-Effective Communication for a Parallel Graph Reducer 184
Hans-Wolfgang Loidl and Kevin Hammond
The Results of: Profiling Large-Scale Lazy Functional Programs 200
Stephen A. Jarvis and Richard G. Morgan
Two-Pass Heap Profiling: A Matter of Life and Death 222
Colin Runciman and Niklas Röjemo
First Class File I/O 233
Marco Pil
A Type-Based Algorithm for the Control-Flow Analysis of Higher-Order Concurrent Programs 247
Mourad Debbabi, Ali Faour, and Nadia Tawbi
Calculating a Functional Module for Binary Search Trees 267
Walter Dosch and Bernhard Möller