KIELER Downloads

Stable Releases

  • Standalone KIELER Rich Client Application
    All the functionality of KIELER packed into an application that you can download and run. This is based on the latest KIELER Semantics release, which in turn includes the latest KIELER Pragmatics release available at the time.
  • Eclipse Update Site:
    Install the KIELER features into your own Eclipse 4.3 installation. Releases prior to 0.9.0 are placed in categories named after the version number. Beginning with 0.9.0, our features are categorized properly.
    • Note: Some features of the current version of KIELER may not work with Eclipse versions prior to 4.2. If you need support for Eclipse 3.8, try installing KIELER release 0.8.0. If you need support for Eclipse 3.7, try installing KIELER release 0.6.0. If you need support for Eclipse 3.6, install KIELER release 0.5.1.
  • Tools and Libraries
    Standalone tools and Java libraries. (layout algorithms and layout web service)

Nightly Builds

Source Code



KIELER software is made available under the Eclipse Public License, except for some integrated third-party components. KIELER can be used independently from OGDF, Libavoid, and Ptolemy, but depends on the Google Guava library.